About Us

History of the Bermudian Canadian Relief Association

The germination for this organization occurred with the chance meeting of 3 Bermudians, Cynthia Swan, Elodie Olden and Josephine Woodley at the 1981 Caribana celebration. While admiring the cultural contributions presented by representatives of various Caribbean organizations they realized there was no group representing Bermuda, the ‘Onions” as we call ourselves. It was decided  that it was time to invite other Bermudians to support and develop a Bermudian Association. A date was set and it was agreed we would seek out interested friends.

The first meeting was held on Bonis Ave in Scarborough attended by additional members from the Bermudian community living in the Toronto area.  The group decided on the name Bermuda Social Club. The first  social event  was a Guy Fawkes party  held in  November 1981 in the party room of one of the member’s apartment building, it was well attended.

The success of this event enabled the committee to grow  and  foster  the development of our organization.  A formal structure  was created with positions of a chairperson, secretary and treasurer. In addition other social events were added. The Guy Fawkes  party became an annual celebration held at Hotels around the Toronto area  with many Bermudians  travelling from other Canadian cities, the United states and Bermuda to Toronto to help us celebrate .  Other events  include kite flying on Good Friday, a fund raising Barbeque in August, our  Annual General Meeting in March and dinner theatre outings .

As the focus of the organization changed to one of fundraising starting in 1991 we were able to t award annually bursaries to deserving students.

In 2000  we changed our name to The Canadian Bermudian Association  to embody  our many Canadian friends and supporters.

In  2003,  we  changed the name of the organization to its present , Bermudian Canadian Relief Association Inc. when  we achieved our  charitable organization status which has allowed us to increase our focus on fundraising to meet our aims and objectives.

In 2011 we  celebrate our 30th anniversary.

Bermudian Canadian Relief  Association Inc.


  • To give financial assistance annually in the form of a bursary to
    deserving students in order to further their education.
  • To encourage social interaction among Bermudians and friends.
  • To act as a contact among Bermudians who reside in Canada,
    Bermuda, and in other places.
  • To co-operate with other  individuals and groups with
    similar aims and objectives.
  • To organize activities that  will further the above aims
    and objectives.